6 Scala related videos worth watching


This is my short collection of scala related videos which I consider worth watching:

The Scala Experiment -- Can We Provide Better Language Support for Component Systems?

Martin Odersky, the creator of the scala programming language, gives an introduction to Scala. It was recorded during a GoogleTechTalk seesion back to 2007, but is still worth watching.

Scala Days 2010 - Videos

Recordings of all session during the Scala Days 2010.

Escalate Scala Screencasts

A nice series of screencasts by Bill Venners and Dick Wall from Escalate software.

This is Scala 2.8 Part 1: The REPL

Scalaz Presentation - Nick Partridge

Nick Partridge explains the ideas behind Scalaz with live coding.

Scalaz Presentation - Nick Partridge from Jonathan Merritt on Vimeo.

Jason Zaugg's Intro to Scalaz

Another talk about Scalaz by Jason Zaugg

Jason Zaugg's Intro to Scalaz from Nathan Hamblen on Vimeo.

MongoDB with Scala

An introduction to MongoDB and the libraries available for using it with Scala by Brendan McAdams.

MongoDB with Scala from Nathan Hamblen on Vimeo.

Ok, I have to say that I haven't managed to watch them all (but most) yet. I think this is enough stuff to spend several more enjoyable evenings with :-)


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