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In the last couple of weeks I migrated my blog from apache roller to my simple self-written blog engine. My blog is now served by lift and mongodb. As the web container I use jetty. Because I wanted to keep things simple I decided to use as the comment system instead of implementing one by myself.

Unfortunately, discus doesn‘t provide an out-of-the-box importer for apache roller comments so I had to use disqus‘ generic importer which uses wxr. Wxr stands for WordPress extended RSS and is basically used to export blog content.

To migrate the few comments I had on my blog I wrote a basic scala script that reads the entries and comment feeds from my site, mixes the information together and writes a wxr file which can be imported by disqus.

The scala script can be found here:

If you have no idea about xml processing in scala then have a quick look at it (just 89 loc). I think it is a good demonstration of how simple and expressive xml processing in scala is.

The script is far away from being a comment migration tool for apache roller so please don‘t expect too much of it. In my case it worked.


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