About Me

Hi! My name is Marco, I write software and manage product and development teams. Right now I’m working as a CTO for VEACT, a Munich-based company providing marketing software and services for the automotive industry.

Press & Public Speaking

  • Leichtgewichtige Webanwendungen mit dem MEAN-Stack, WJAX 2013, Munich (slides, press)
  • Bidirektionale Verbindungen für Webanwendungen – JAX 2012, Mainz (slides)

Open Source contributions

  • Squeryl – Scala ORM and DSL (committer, inactive)
  • Maven Archetype Plugin – minor patch contribution


For quick stuff, send me a direct message via Twitter. For longer things email me: marco at this-domain.

  • PGP fingerprint: F51F FCA7 0518 B8A9 4F46 4924 588B 620B B4F0 B6BF
  • PGP Public Key: available here