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Software Consultant with 20+ years of experience in various product, development & management roles.


I believe that software development is about helping people and businesses to solve problems, become more efficient and automate repeating tasks. It's always about the value the software system delivers. Depending on the context and environment there are different approaches to develop software in the most pragmatic and efficient way, without compromising the internal software quality.

If I had to name a single book that characterized me as a software developer, it would be “The Pragmatic Programmer” by Dave Thomas and Thomas Hunt. An over 20 years old classic full of insights about finding the right solution depending on the environment.

Over-engineered solutions and adding complexity by adopting the latest "hottest" technology without a clear reason is a no-go for me. I believe in simplicity. A former colleague of mine told me: "You're writing baby code". A great compliment since simple code is easy to understand and follow.

Full Stack Web Development

Development of complex web applications using state-of-the-art web standards and frameworks.

Rapid Prototyping

Having an idea is nothing without execution. I will help you to get a first testable prototype out as fast as possible.

DevOps Engineering

Concept, Implementation and training. Having the right tools and culture around DevOps is key for efficient software delivery

Cloud Transformation

From concept, planning to execution. I will help you to modernize your technology and transform your organisation.

MongoDB Consulting

MongoDB Cluster Management, migration projects, schema design and performance optimization. I managed large MongoDB Clusters and performed migration projects.

Requirements Engineering

Map ideas to elegant systems. Excellent systems start with clear requirements.

Engineering Manager

I help you and your software team to reach peak performance while having an inclusive and friendly work culture.


As a CTO, Head of Engineering and Lead Developer I help you to focus and make the right decisions as a technical leader.

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