Thoughts On The Need for a Centralized Hub

Thoughts On The Need for a Centralized Hub
Photo by Alina Grubnyak / Unsplash

How teams communicate with each other is an important aspect. And how much insight and context they provide for working with others.

This is one of the biggest challenges companies face. And it slows them down so much.

When it comes to software integration, you need a central directory where you can find systems with a description of their APIs and data sets. There are service directories, and protocol description languages such as OpenAPI and gRPC have ways of describing public APIs.

What if you had an open service directory that interested parties could browse to find the data they need? At the very least, a way to send requests for possible integrations without spending hours searching for the right department and contact person.

How are companies solving this today? Are any of them happy with the results?

Imagine the days, weeks or even months of wasted time in organisations searching for the right system to integrate with and the right person to talk to.

Is there such a thing as an API-driven enterprise? Just having a department managing a black box service for integrations doesn't add much value.

Imagine a central integration hub, a real platform where you can browse available systems, APIs and data sets would be a real game changer.

What if such a system were combined with some AI capabilities to help finding correlating systems or suggest data mappings.